24 January 2005

Well Now

Today has been one of those days where I just don't feel like doing anything at all, Started off to try and complete a half finished model kit I've had sitting around for about a month which didn't work, played Eve for maybe an hour or so before deciding I wasn't in the mood, I converted a load of game screenshots to .jpgs for uploading and tried to send them to flickr only to find that the bastard thing resizes them on my free account and so my pictures were worthless. I've since been sat on my arse shouting at various people through IRC whilst listening to the Eels.

These are the kind of days that really worry me and make me dread being unemployed, at least if I had a job I'd have to force myself to do something at work but like this I really do feel like a lump. Writing this post is possibly the most constructive thing I've done all day apart from maybe making breakfast for myself and that really does bother me; but I'm so unenthused about how hard it is to find a job at the moment that I'm considering taking one of my dads friends up on his offer and start helping him do videotography, it's hard work but good pay and I'd be a lot more happy because he could give me a reference afterwards which, working for my parents, wont happen for my current job. In other happier news I got myself a new airsoft item in the mail today so I'll be quite happy in a few days when it arrives and I can have a play.

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