04 March 2008

Good Lord

It's been a long time since I posted anything here. Not that I expect anyone to read this, ever. I intend to make some changes to the page at some point and add things to the sidebar. Here be a nice recent image of my appearance:

Life has been hectic as of late. I am rapidly approaching the end of my second year of degree level study doing Engineering, I have seen many things and been many places since this blog has started. That's really all I have to say right now. Anything else would be surplus to requirements. See you round internets.

17 November 2005

University and Stuffs

Why hello there again. I have been having lots of fun in the time I have neglected you, sorry I don't post more. As you can see below, my idea of fun includes skewering my tongue on a sharp piece of metal.
Well Hello, How did you get there?
Some of my fun has included my first proper dress up attempt for halloween. May I present to you, Silent Bob(as me):
Silent Bob
I am quite happily enjoying my new found freedom as you can tell from the above face-holing. It's a nice feeling to not be restrained by others living with you and not having to deal with family in every day life. This means I am generally of a happier disposition (which I am usually anyway). I have also broked my foot and have been limping about for the last week or so and today I am going out with the full intention of dancing lots, fingers crossed I don't re-injure it.

21 May 2005

Still Here Are You?

I appear to have been neglecting you as of late, maybe because nothing much interesting has been happenning to me. Maybe because I'm just too damn lazy. Anyway, having family around for the FA Cup final today, football not being my forte (or any other spectation of sport for that matter) I shall be spending a bit of time away from the living room, hardly surprising to the guests or my family. I've begun a Rick Dias Master Grade recently and that's been coming along nicely. Other than that there's not really much else to tell you, still unemployed, still slightly down because of it etc. Since I've got nothing better to do I've decided to start exercising regularly each day to both kill some time and try and burn off some energy that I don't use sat around the house all day. First day resulting in muscle pains I've given myself a few days off to recover, sounds like procrastination doesn't it?

Written to: Def Leppard - Lady Strange

11 April 2005


As you may or may not know, my old man is a photographer. Recently at some weddings he let me loose with his pro Digital SLR for testing whilst he works with his 35mm Cannon EOS-1. Here's a couple of the shots I like:

22 March 2005


Just a random thought I had yesterday that I thought I ought to write down. Why is it that despite the American civil war America is still so unbearably puritanical?

Oh, also the head arrived for my valkyrie but my brother seems to have thieved my camera to Greece so I can't show it just yet. I might have a shot at panel lining it before he gets back so it looks even nicer.

10 March 2005

More Giant Robot-y Stuff

Just finished an absolutely HUGE model kit so I thought I'd share my joy with you. This is the Perfect Zeong from Gundam along with its nemisis the Perfect Gundam. They're from a series called MSV or Mobile Suit Variation in which the original designs of first Gundam are remixed to make them funkier.

On my macross Valyrie, HLJ have shipped me a replacement head for the kit so I'm very happy about that, now if it'd just arrive already I'd be even happier.

In other more world shaking news, it seems the motion for European Software patents has been passed despite being refused so many times by numerous countries, it better get revoked soon before the great american patent machine starts rolling out lawsuits. For those unfamiliar with it, the EU had an until recently settled on not allowing companies the ability to patent software, only things that could be used for Commercial uses are patentable only in their current form so if say someone were to make a piece of software that did the same thing as another, the one holding the patent holder could sue regardless of if one is made differently from the other. The new directive allows companies to sue for any software whatsoever in this manner and in the longterm just serves to line companies pockets with endless lawsuits generating their revenue even if they havn't made the software described in the patents. This is bad for the open source movement which encourages the free exchange of ideas and functions to the benifit of the public as they will no doubt be stifled by countless lawsuits. Sadly was already the case in America and was pushed by American companies in the EU against our best interests. If you want to know more check out FFII for information on what's going on and the mailing list if you want to keep up.

06 March 2005

Hello There

Sorry, I'd almost forgotten about you. It turns out that after 13 weeks apparently the job centre classes you as chronically unemployable and begins putting pressure on you to get a job and forces you to attend interviews. Buggery. HLJ have finally shipped me a new replacement head for my valkyrie so expect pictures of that at some point, maybe with panel lines too. I've begun recieving forms for my University accommodation in september when I'm off to Liverpool and hopefully the student loan forms should arrive soon too then I can start filling them all out.