17 November 2005

University and Stuffs

Why hello there again. I have been having lots of fun in the time I have neglected you, sorry I don't post more. As you can see below, my idea of fun includes skewering my tongue on a sharp piece of metal.
Well Hello, How did you get there?
Some of my fun has included my first proper dress up attempt for halloween. May I present to you, Silent Bob(as me):
Silent Bob
I am quite happily enjoying my new found freedom as you can tell from the above face-holing. It's a nice feeling to not be restrained by others living with you and not having to deal with family in every day life. This means I am generally of a happier disposition (which I am usually anyway). I have also broked my foot and have been limping about for the last week or so and today I am going out with the full intention of dancing lots, fingers crossed I don't re-injure it.

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