22 February 2005

I'm Sorry Flickr

I never doubted your greatness, I have just discovered that it does infact allow me to view my images full size and I was just too tired and/or silly at the time to notice it. Here's a sample of two decent pics I uploaded to it today:

New toy from Hobbylink Japan, a 1/48 Roy Focker Valyrie from Macross unfortunately the kit had a little problem in the fact that the black visor that goes into a socket in the head is completely missing. Very irritating indeed.

Also, parcelforce are wankers, I spent the mostpart of the last two days trying to contact parcelforce to try and get this thing delivered as it has a customs charge on it and they wouldn't release it without me paying for it, so I phone around trying to get the thing paid for and released and finally ended up with a depot number to phone, thank christ I thought. Phoning the number I realised this wasn't the end of my ordeal, the phone rings and rings until the 4 minute timeout kicks in and the phone disconnects itself from the call, they weren't answering. After much exasperation phoning this same number on day one I decided on day two to phone parcelforce and complain. They fobbed me off onto a poor guy in royalmail complaints, who was very understanding and helpful and he followed it all up, within 2 hours of me talking to this guy there was a courrier at my door asking for the customs charge brandishing my package. I don't know who the guy is or how he managed it but I'm very thankful that he did, I'd like to buy him a pint someday if I ever find out who he was.

20 February 2005

I'm a Girl

Apparently, at least according to the Gender Genie and its analyses of my blog entries here. It's nice to know all these scientific studies going on are accurate and stuff. So, erm yes I kinda forgot to sign on on friday this week and now I'm slightly worried about what'll happen when I can get through to the jobcentre on monday as I was told they're implementing penalties for being late for your sign on day soon. I'm hoping a first offense wont be too bad and it'll all just roll around smoothly.

Another thing, on friday I apparently got a package in the mail but didn't answer the door so I looked through the online tracking system and no fucking wonder I didn't answer, they decided they'd try and deliver a package at five fucking am in the morning, how's that for service? "sir your package got to its destination ahead of time but nobody was there to collect it". Stupid stupid idea. Really.

I think this blog is starting to settle down now, I'm making regular contributions to it which is what I intended to do. I had a nice time last night at my cousins 18th birthday party, she's hopefully having lots of fun today with the presents she's gotten from various people. I'm still not touching my guitar, either a sign of laziness or apathy neither of which I'm happy with but nothing I can do about them either.

15 February 2005

More Good News

Yesterday after much toil I finally sold my Ferox Battlecruiser and got back into a lovely new scorpion. Here she is in dock:

Now I have to get to work on getting lots of agent missions done, I need implants to sell for those killer modules to add to my ship. Need at least 2 to afford my intended setup then any more will contribute to buying me a Raven. Happy days eh?

03 February 2005

Fun Few Days

I've been enjoying myself for the last few days, Monday night was an organised outing with everyone I work with including parents etc. Much getting drunk and munching on chinese food before starting a napkin whipping fight and being told by a bunch of students at another table to "grow up" which amused me greatly. Tuesday I went skirmishing for the first time in a while and had a lot of fun, I got asked to join the local team and accepted so I'm hoping to do lots more of it. Yesterday I was working hard but it was an ejoyable job so I didn't have a bad time, there was a nice american guy there who was playing guitar who reminded me I wanted to start teaching myself again after I lost interest at 15 because of crap teachers.

I'm now going to go back to working through my 4.5k track music colletion in alphabetical order, currently on Ash, long way to go then...