22 February 2005

I'm Sorry Flickr

I never doubted your greatness, I have just discovered that it does infact allow me to view my images full size and I was just too tired and/or silly at the time to notice it. Here's a sample of two decent pics I uploaded to it today:

New toy from Hobbylink Japan, a 1/48 Roy Focker Valyrie from Macross unfortunately the kit had a little problem in the fact that the black visor that goes into a socket in the head is completely missing. Very irritating indeed.

Also, parcelforce are wankers, I spent the mostpart of the last two days trying to contact parcelforce to try and get this thing delivered as it has a customs charge on it and they wouldn't release it without me paying for it, so I phone around trying to get the thing paid for and released and finally ended up with a depot number to phone, thank christ I thought. Phoning the number I realised this wasn't the end of my ordeal, the phone rings and rings until the 4 minute timeout kicks in and the phone disconnects itself from the call, they weren't answering. After much exasperation phoning this same number on day one I decided on day two to phone parcelforce and complain. They fobbed me off onto a poor guy in royalmail complaints, who was very understanding and helpful and he followed it all up, within 2 hours of me talking to this guy there was a courrier at my door asking for the customs charge brandishing my package. I don't know who the guy is or how he managed it but I'm very thankful that he did, I'd like to buy him a pint someday if I ever find out who he was.

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