20 February 2005

I'm a Girl

Apparently, at least according to the Gender Genie and its analyses of my blog entries here. It's nice to know all these scientific studies going on are accurate and stuff. So, erm yes I kinda forgot to sign on on friday this week and now I'm slightly worried about what'll happen when I can get through to the jobcentre on monday as I was told they're implementing penalties for being late for your sign on day soon. I'm hoping a first offense wont be too bad and it'll all just roll around smoothly.

Another thing, on friday I apparently got a package in the mail but didn't answer the door so I looked through the online tracking system and no fucking wonder I didn't answer, they decided they'd try and deliver a package at five fucking am in the morning, how's that for service? "sir your package got to its destination ahead of time but nobody was there to collect it". Stupid stupid idea. Really.

I think this blog is starting to settle down now, I'm making regular contributions to it which is what I intended to do. I had a nice time last night at my cousins 18th birthday party, she's hopefully having lots of fun today with the presents she's gotten from various people. I'm still not touching my guitar, either a sign of laziness or apathy neither of which I'm happy with but nothing I can do about them either.

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