14 August 2004


Wow, I totally forgot about this. Heh

I've been ummmm, busy yeah that's the word. Currently jobhunting for reasons which are twofold, firstly I hope to be going to university next year after my long awaited gap year, secondly because I have a brand new airsoft rifle for which I want to buy lots of cool things like scopes/sights and mounts as well as a sidearm hopefully, Yay me.

Here's some pics of my new baby whom I have named "ouchie".

My P90
Me Posing
Me Kicking Your Ass

23 June 2004


So I got this blog thing see, and I finished fiddling around with the template till I can be arsed to do some proper html work or failing that build a whole new website with dreamweaver or something. I did a tech exam the other day which you probably don't care about but which, although not being that hard, felt like a stab in the face to me. Other than that I really don't have much else to say for now, shall gradually add links to some of my favourite websites down the side here.

21 June 2004

Hello World

Was just sitting around bored and have been meaning to make one of these for a while, I shall post more once I've finished a) fiddling with the template and b) fucking around with exams.