28 January 2005

More Guns

And before I forget, I got a shiny new gun yesterday (well, second hand) a full stock M3 Super 90 Shotgun, I'm at a loss as to how I'm going to transport it to my regular airsoft site though.

Some Eve Screenshots

Well, since about October last year I've been playing a game called Eve, it's an MMORPG set in space with 3 civilisations descended from our galaxy who have survived stranded in the Eve galaxy after the wormhole that brought civilisation there closed unexpectedly. I thought I'd bring you some screenies of my playing experience and what I've been doing in there.

Firstly is my friend Alex in his nice Brutix Battlecruiser, a new ship class introduced in the most recent update to the game, Exodus.

This was taken during a mining operation long before I got a battleship, Minerals Mined can be refined and with the use of blueprints made into components and ships, the entire economy in Eve is player run, players build and sell things on the market with the exception of skill books which are used to train new skills.

Secondly, here's me on the same mining op in a Celestis, a less powerful Cruiser class ship which I selected mainly for it's capacity for missile carrying which all other ships of the same race lack in that class.

The use of missile slots though hinders my mining ability as I can't equip mining turrets to dig up those minerals. :)

Now is the Eve Radio Army, a regular excursion of players in frigates and newbie ships that goes out into follishly dangerous space and attacks things that frigates and newbie ships really shouldn't be attacking, it's great fun and worth a try just for its entertainment value. Lots of these so bear with it.

This is the group gathering prior to heading off into a nasty area.

More gathering.

This is us in the nasty area, not much to see yet.

This is with the UI showing on print screens, the thing in the middle that's dying is an enemy celestis, which, I'm sure you'll be happy to hear we killed. The red crosses on the scanner to the right represent hostile craft and purple ones represent the other ERA members in the gang.

This is the explosion of one of the enemy structures in search of an item that'll allow us to access the next level of the complex.

This is all of the members final resting places, the battleship the remaining players are orbiting took out most of us singlehandedly and as I was the first to open fire, I quickly attracted his attention and was the first to die on the second level.

Now are some pictures of my Scorpion battleship, which was a huge investment and I had for approximately a week and a half when I got caught out helping a Corp mate with a mission in low security space, I got jumped by two other battleships and an assault cruiser which is pretty much equal in stature to a Battlecruiser for most people.
This is me destroying an enemy tracking array on a mission.

And this is me watching my squad of heavy drones take down some other structure which I don't remember.

Now is me currently, in a Ferox Battlecruiser of my own, docked in a station. It's a good ship but I still miss my battleship. :(

24 January 2005

Well Now

Today has been one of those days where I just don't feel like doing anything at all, Started off to try and complete a half finished model kit I've had sitting around for about a month which didn't work, played Eve for maybe an hour or so before deciding I wasn't in the mood, I converted a load of game screenshots to .jpgs for uploading and tried to send them to flickr only to find that the bastard thing resizes them on my free account and so my pictures were worthless. I've since been sat on my arse shouting at various people through IRC whilst listening to the Eels.

These are the kind of days that really worry me and make me dread being unemployed, at least if I had a job I'd have to force myself to do something at work but like this I really do feel like a lump. Writing this post is possibly the most constructive thing I've done all day apart from maybe making breakfast for myself and that really does bother me; but I'm so unenthused about how hard it is to find a job at the moment that I'm considering taking one of my dads friends up on his offer and start helping him do videotography, it's hard work but good pay and I'd be a lot more happy because he could give me a reference afterwards which, working for my parents, wont happen for my current job. In other happier news I got myself a new airsoft item in the mail today so I'll be quite happy in a few days when it arrives and I can have a play.

22 January 2005


Some time to rest. Been decorating the living room all week as you may have gathered from earlier posts. There is currently a builder making alcoves in the wall and electrician reinstalling the switches my dad installed himself yesterday because they were cocked up.

I logged onto IRC yesterday to find a most pleasant link in one of my regular channels for a game called Darwinia, it is basically an RTS set in a computer, you use various "programs" as units with an interesting UI to "run" programs, the demo consists of you having to travel between 3 islands to fight various "virii" and activate mines that produce polygons and a refinery that makes them into primatives and from there you can build things with primatives I've gathered, although the demo doesn't let you do this. On the whole it's a very nice retro kitsch style game with overtones of tron and the like. Go download it now.

19 January 2005


I hate cocks, I also hate DIY. The combination of the two in the past few days have been a source of great frustration for me, my dad, acting like a cock, has recently been persitently pissing me off. Here's how my day begins usually: late start, spend 10-20 minutes checking the web quickly after waking up and reorientating myself, then I go downstairs have breakfast and wait for the onslaught of the day. Currently what is happening is: I wake up normally, my old man doesn't have the patience to wait my 10-20 minutes and thus has unplugged the cable modem so I can't check my websites quickly in the morning, this results in much swearing and frustration and then I take it out on him by taking double the time I would usually to get down and help him. So that means we're both in bad moods when I come down for the first meal of the day, an exchange much like below occurs

Dad:"Oh lord, theres a stranger in my house, call the police."

Now as a result of impatience, I've not only helped less because I came down later, I'm also fucking things up because I'm in a bad mood and so is he and in general productivity is totally decreased. If he can't see this he's fucking blind and I have no want or need to tell him anymore than I already have. I'm now going to mulch on my nuggets and chips from the takeaway place as everyone is too tired to cook.

NP: Stevie Nicks - If Anyone Falls

18 January 2005


Yes well, I've hardly had the stamina to keep up with this recently. I'm far too lazy/forgetful to continuall update this blog without making a conscious effort. I've been feeling kinda down lately as a result of not being able to find work in the whole 5 months I've been out of education and eligible for full time work. Finally got round to signing on in November after I realised my job searching efforts were going nowhere. I'm gonna be trying to post to this more often, less for anyone reading and more for myself to look back at and think about.

Finally, there's the fun part of this post, my christmas presents which came in the form of a PSAGT Style helmet, Tactical Vest and Pistol Holster From www.flecktarn.co.uk.

Also a present for myself, I bought myself another Colt meaning I now have a pair for akimbos.

I think that's about it now. It's time to go help my dad with his misguided attempts to redecorate our living room.

NP: Megadeth Hangar 18