28 January 2005

Some Eve Screenshots

Well, since about October last year I've been playing a game called Eve, it's an MMORPG set in space with 3 civilisations descended from our galaxy who have survived stranded in the Eve galaxy after the wormhole that brought civilisation there closed unexpectedly. I thought I'd bring you some screenies of my playing experience and what I've been doing in there.

Firstly is my friend Alex in his nice Brutix Battlecruiser, a new ship class introduced in the most recent update to the game, Exodus.

This was taken during a mining operation long before I got a battleship, Minerals Mined can be refined and with the use of blueprints made into components and ships, the entire economy in Eve is player run, players build and sell things on the market with the exception of skill books which are used to train new skills.

Secondly, here's me on the same mining op in a Celestis, a less powerful Cruiser class ship which I selected mainly for it's capacity for missile carrying which all other ships of the same race lack in that class.

The use of missile slots though hinders my mining ability as I can't equip mining turrets to dig up those minerals. :)

Now is the Eve Radio Army, a regular excursion of players in frigates and newbie ships that goes out into follishly dangerous space and attacks things that frigates and newbie ships really shouldn't be attacking, it's great fun and worth a try just for its entertainment value. Lots of these so bear with it.

This is the group gathering prior to heading off into a nasty area.

More gathering.

This is us in the nasty area, not much to see yet.

This is with the UI showing on print screens, the thing in the middle that's dying is an enemy celestis, which, I'm sure you'll be happy to hear we killed. The red crosses on the scanner to the right represent hostile craft and purple ones represent the other ERA members in the gang.

This is the explosion of one of the enemy structures in search of an item that'll allow us to access the next level of the complex.

This is all of the members final resting places, the battleship the remaining players are orbiting took out most of us singlehandedly and as I was the first to open fire, I quickly attracted his attention and was the first to die on the second level.

Now are some pictures of my Scorpion battleship, which was a huge investment and I had for approximately a week and a half when I got caught out helping a Corp mate with a mission in low security space, I got jumped by two other battleships and an assault cruiser which is pretty much equal in stature to a Battlecruiser for most people.
This is me destroying an enemy tracking array on a mission.

And this is me watching my squad of heavy drones take down some other structure which I don't remember.

Now is me currently, in a Ferox Battlecruiser of my own, docked in a station. It's a good ship but I still miss my battleship. :(

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