18 January 2005


Yes well, I've hardly had the stamina to keep up with this recently. I'm far too lazy/forgetful to continuall update this blog without making a conscious effort. I've been feeling kinda down lately as a result of not being able to find work in the whole 5 months I've been out of education and eligible for full time work. Finally got round to signing on in November after I realised my job searching efforts were going nowhere. I'm gonna be trying to post to this more often, less for anyone reading and more for myself to look back at and think about.

Finally, there's the fun part of this post, my christmas presents which came in the form of a PSAGT Style helmet, Tactical Vest and Pistol Holster From www.flecktarn.co.uk.

Also a present for myself, I bought myself another Colt meaning I now have a pair for akimbos.

I think that's about it now. It's time to go help my dad with his misguided attempts to redecorate our living room.

NP: Megadeth Hangar 18

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