22 January 2005


Some time to rest. Been decorating the living room all week as you may have gathered from earlier posts. There is currently a builder making alcoves in the wall and electrician reinstalling the switches my dad installed himself yesterday because they were cocked up.

I logged onto IRC yesterday to find a most pleasant link in one of my regular channels for a game called Darwinia, it is basically an RTS set in a computer, you use various "programs" as units with an interesting UI to "run" programs, the demo consists of you having to travel between 3 islands to fight various "virii" and activate mines that produce polygons and a refinery that makes them into primatives and from there you can build things with primatives I've gathered, although the demo doesn't let you do this. On the whole it's a very nice retro kitsch style game with overtones of tron and the like. Go download it now.

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