03 February 2005

Fun Few Days

I've been enjoying myself for the last few days, Monday night was an organised outing with everyone I work with including parents etc. Much getting drunk and munching on chinese food before starting a napkin whipping fight and being told by a bunch of students at another table to "grow up" which amused me greatly. Tuesday I went skirmishing for the first time in a while and had a lot of fun, I got asked to join the local team and accepted so I'm hoping to do lots more of it. Yesterday I was working hard but it was an ejoyable job so I didn't have a bad time, there was a nice american guy there who was playing guitar who reminded me I wanted to start teaching myself again after I lost interest at 15 because of crap teachers.

I'm now going to go back to working through my 4.5k track music colletion in alphabetical order, currently on Ash, long way to go then...

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