21 May 2005

Still Here Are You?

I appear to have been neglecting you as of late, maybe because nothing much interesting has been happenning to me. Maybe because I'm just too damn lazy. Anyway, having family around for the FA Cup final today, football not being my forte (or any other spectation of sport for that matter) I shall be spending a bit of time away from the living room, hardly surprising to the guests or my family. I've begun a Rick Dias Master Grade recently and that's been coming along nicely. Other than that there's not really much else to tell you, still unemployed, still slightly down because of it etc. Since I've got nothing better to do I've decided to start exercising regularly each day to both kill some time and try and burn off some energy that I don't use sat around the house all day. First day resulting in muscle pains I've given myself a few days off to recover, sounds like procrastination doesn't it?

Written to: Def Leppard - Lady Strange

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