10 March 2005

More Giant Robot-y Stuff

Just finished an absolutely HUGE model kit so I thought I'd share my joy with you. This is the Perfect Zeong from Gundam along with its nemisis the Perfect Gundam. They're from a series called MSV or Mobile Suit Variation in which the original designs of first Gundam are remixed to make them funkier.

On my macross Valyrie, HLJ have shipped me a replacement head for the kit so I'm very happy about that, now if it'd just arrive already I'd be even happier.

In other more world shaking news, it seems the motion for European Software patents has been passed despite being refused so many times by numerous countries, it better get revoked soon before the great american patent machine starts rolling out lawsuits. For those unfamiliar with it, the EU had an until recently settled on not allowing companies the ability to patent software, only things that could be used for Commercial uses are patentable only in their current form so if say someone were to make a piece of software that did the same thing as another, the one holding the patent holder could sue regardless of if one is made differently from the other. The new directive allows companies to sue for any software whatsoever in this manner and in the longterm just serves to line companies pockets with endless lawsuits generating their revenue even if they havn't made the software described in the patents. This is bad for the open source movement which encourages the free exchange of ideas and functions to the benifit of the public as they will no doubt be stifled by countless lawsuits. Sadly was already the case in America and was pushed by American companies in the EU against our best interests. If you want to know more check out FFII for information on what's going on and the mailing list if you want to keep up.

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